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Pocket Phylogenies

Free wallet-sized cards with common questions about evolution on one side, and diagrams for explaining the answers on the other. Click on the cards below to see the diagrams, and click here to print out Pocket Phylogenies for yourself.

If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?
Diagram showing that humans and living great ape species all evolved from earlier apes.
How can birds be a type of dinosaur?
Diagram showing how birds are deeply nested within the dinosaur family tree.
Are mushrooms plants?
Diagram showing that fungi (including mushrooms) are, in fact, more closely related to animals (Metazoa) than to plants (Archaeplastida).
How can all life on Earth be related?
Diagram showing the interrelationships of bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes, and how they all ultimately descend from the same ancestors.
Wait … spiders aren’t insects?
Diagram showing that, while insects and spiders are both arthropods, spiders are arachnids, while insects are crustaceans.

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