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Giraffa reticulataGiraffa giraffaGiraffa camelopardalis camelopardalis var. rothschildiGiraffa tippelskirchiGiraffa camelopardalis peraltaLenax mirandusCrumillospongiaDornraptor normaniHamitesDiplomocerasRhizophagus parallelocollisHydrobates pelagicusLokiceratops rangiformisGiraffa camelopardalis camelopardalis var. rothschildiMoschiola meminnaMitilanotherium inexpectatumBos etruscusMetacervocerosGiraffa giraffa angolensisGiraffa tippelskirchi thornicroftiAmpelomeryx ginsburgiNumidotheriumMammuthus meridionalis meridionalisMerriamoceros coronatusOsbornoceros osborniConciliospongia anjiensisTaeniopteryxPyrops candelariaThoramus wakefieldiPseudomalusKwanyinaspis maotianshanensisPliohyraxStylolophus minorTetralophodonMegabelodonMixodectes pungensClistosaccus paguriAcrothoracicaCorallochytrium limacisporumVellbergia bartholomaeiMarmoretta oxoniensisMegachirella wachtleriFraxinisaura rozynekaeSophineta cracoviensisCorythaeola cristataPaliguana whiteiMorus bassanusAdelospondylus

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